Introductory Letter

Letter sent from Agent Lynn to members of Working Group Euclid, on August 10th, 2017. Handwritten, photocopies hand delivered to WG-Euclid members. Original retained by Agent Lynn, now in storage GB#00741 Item #00021.


Greetings Agent,
Welcome to Delta Green. There won't be a welcome party or a company handbook, no days of introduction either. Don't worry about being brought up to speed now, you'll learn what you need to know when you need to know it. I know this is brief, but there's a lot of important work that needs to be done. Don't worry, you'll be able to sleep well at night knowing you're keeping this country safe.

Agent Lynn

GB#00741 Item #00025

Personal letter from Agent Lynn to her husband. Letter was caught by Delta Green "Friendly" at local post office. Delta Green Agent reviewed and held letter, never delivered to intended recipient. Letter is hand written, tear stained and dotted with scorch marks.


Dear Jack,
I'm sorry. All those times I left in the middle of the night or came home only to skip out on you again. I never told you what I really did because I couldn't, because my real job couldn't allow it. I work for an agency that <s>protects people, protects the world even</s> fuck it you know what, we've been fighting for scraps of time since the sixties barely holding the door closed from the mass of things on the other side trying to get a foot or tentacle or other appendage through the door. Now I've got to shut a door on one of this godless creatures. God, were the world so merciful to let such a thing exist. There are things on the scale of God which regard us as wild, mindless animals. Fuck I can feel it racing down my nerves, I wish I had more time, I wish I could say it in person. You were the best person I could have spent my time with, I just wish I had had more time, gotten married, seen Kendra grow up. If there was any other way, I would have taken it, but I can't risk you or Kendra. I love you.

Lovingly Yours,
Leanne Peterson

Internal Communication

[REDACTED]: "Have you reviewed the letter?"
Sparrow: "Yes, as requested."
[REDACTED]: "Good. The other agents in the field with agent Lynn, according to their debrief agent Lynn was dead before she left the location, and she couldn't have written the letter before hand, unless she knew exactly what was going to happen." [Shuffling Papers] "Ergo, she wrote the letter, died, and someone else posted it."
[Pause for a cough]
Sparrow: "So, you want the other agents questioned?"
[REDACTED]: "They're seasoned, but they didn't know of our friendly in the postal system." [Clearing throat] "If they had delivered this by hand, we'd have a bigger problem. I want more than just questions."
Sparrow: "Alright, what exactly do you need me to do?"
[REDACTED]: "Bring the agents back in for debriefing. Determine if they should remain assets, and rebuild Working Group Euclid from the ground up. New agents, fresh assets, find useful friendlies, because you'll be their new handler."
Sparrow: [Upset and rising tone] "I retired from management, find somebody else."
[REDACTED]: "Unfortunately you're the best choice. You want to get back to what you love? Train your replacement and keep your new agents alive."
Sparrow: [Sighs audibly] "I'll dust off my old HR portfolio."


Working Group Euclid