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What is Delta Green

A U.S. government organization that "went rogue" before 1990, formed to investigate and handle the unnatural. Delta Green recruits from a wide range, including the FBI, ATF, CDC, DEA, public universities and the private sector. Working outside of the law since they went rogue, Delta Green continues it's mission despite it's lack of direct support.


Players in working group Euclid will have a portfolio of characters they can rotate through, allowing them to pick who they think may be best suited for each operation. All characters are inexperienced with the unnatural. They can come from all walks of life, but they all wanted to help and aren't completely aware of what they signed up for.

Working Group Euclid

A Delta Green team that consists of various specialists tasked to investigate and handle events that may be supernatural. However all the working group members haven't experienced the unnatural, but they all want to defend their country and or the world from great threats. They just don't know what they're getting themselves into.

Main Page

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